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“The Groundhog was Wrong” Giveaway

(These are examples, the giveaway will be done by the winner’s request.) My facebook page has finally hit 500 likes, and it has almost been a year since I made the decision to take on custom orders and make my art public. This has been an amazing learning experience and […]

Tutorial: How to draw a Heart

Wow! The holidays really flew by quick! Its hard to believe that my last blog post was in October, but at least I made it through with my head still attached. As you can imagine, the holidays were a crazy time for me. This was my first Christmas season as […]

Halloween Boo bags and an Interview

October has been a very busy month. Filled with new traditions and pleasant surprises, this has officially become my Best Month of the Year. This month came in roaring with a random request for me to be a second photographer at a wedding. Never in a million years did I […]

Inspiring Quilt in a Rocking Chair

With this commission, I was told the drawing needed to be about a quilt and this verse from the Bible: Isaiah 40:8 ‘The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of God will stand forever.’ With little information, this gave me a great chance to use my creativity. Growing […]

A day with a Cicada

After being in Georgia for over a year now, I finally came across the opportunity to see a cicada transform from a nymph to an adult. Yes, I’m a little strange, but this is just one of those things I have been waiting for. When I spotted the nymph I […]

Pack of Dogs commission

Last week brought in a “pack of dogs” commission! With previous pet portraits, there has only been one or two subjects in the photos, not five. This was definitely a challenge. But once I sat down and put pencil to paper, the two photos that I used really came together. […]

Knitting Dish Cloths

Took the weekend off… I have been guilty of working at this a great deal lately. So, this weekend I promised to keep away from work. Sunday I decided to give watercolors a try, but my husband caught me painting and gave me the “I thought you were going to […]

Weekly wrap up

As you may have noticed, I am using this week’s blog posts as an introduction of what will be my blogging routine. I would like to take a minute and explain my plans for Mondays. I will be using that time to talk about any given subject, whether its a […]

Recap Wednesday

Here is our first Commission Wednesday. I have to be honest, up until last night the topic of this post was undecided. Well, I had an idea, my mind was battling between subjects. Since I started taking on commissions back in May, there has been a various amount of drawings/paintings […]

Acing August

August is The Month! iPad apps have been downloaded and a schedule has been created. My drawing list is crazy, but I will climb this mountain a little bit everyday with a smile on my face. The need to create has taken over my mind and the only way for […]

Insects and Arachnids

Insects and arachnids are beautiful creatures. Their exoskeletons capture light perfectly and make these animals a true enjoyment to draw. Take spiders for example; they inflict fear into a multitude of people due to their 8 legs, many eyes, and their horror-film fangs. But if you really take the time […]


I guess I am doing more then one post this week and its only Sunday. Posting my prices on facebook is effective, but posting them on here would be much more productive. Here are the starting prices for portraits. Pricing goes up depending on the amount of subjects in the […]

Praying owls

In the beginning of June I had another giveaway with For kids to do. The giveaway was for a custom drawing for a child’s bedroom or playroom. After the rush of Father’s Day, I sat down and designed 6 praying owls in a tree over Philippians 4:8. Each owl represents […]