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The Crayon’s

  Before I became a parent, crayons were on a mental pedestal. Now, I am not saying that I loved crayons. I am saying in my mind I appreciated them a heckuva lot more than most. You always pick something before you have kids to call your soap box and […]

Pictograph Cave Billings,Montana

Just a little update, and a new change of pace.     Hey! It has been a while. I am no longer in Georgia. I officially moved to Montana in December! This move has been crazy and extremely beneficial for my family. I also have been to 37 states now, […]

Freebie alert! Halloween printable color pages

Hi! ,center>I have decided I am going to stretch my hand out with the wacom pad. Free coloring pages for kids seemed like a good way to practice! Anyways, these coloring pages are not up for resale. To print them off just click the picture and hit print when you […]

Endangered Species week 3 – The Gharial

      Endangered Species week 3 – The Gharial   My childhood revolved around amphibians and reptiles. At first  I absorbed information about dinosaurs, and then to supplement my need to see and touch them, I started to catch all the reptiles and amphibians that came across my path. […]

Spring is here and lots of updates!

Happy Wednesday!   Well, its that time of year again, the time of year where I can go outside and draw a yellow smiley face on the hood of my car because of all the pollen. Now, before you Northerners start saying, “No, thanks. I’ll take my 5ft of snow […]

Random Scribbles – Sunny day in Georgia?

    Happy Monday!   There is a great deal of new and exciting things that will be happening in the next few months. I have decided to make the jump into the digital painting world. I have a wacom tablet on the way and it will be arriving on […]

Endangered Species – The Whooping Crane

Whooping Crane             Forgive me, I have been a little behind because I have been trying to figure out how to enlarge prints and shrink them. Not to mention, a new computer has entered our house.  So, since I have not figured it out yet, […]

Random Scribbles – Hey! Its February.

    This is something that I have decided to add to the mix. I usually try to hide my rambling drawings to myself, but I have decided to just go ahead and jump head first into this and show you my random doodles, that I do when I am […]

Endangered Species – The Kakapo

    Hello! Greetings! This is my first “public” blog post in an extremely long time (copy of my Facebook post explaining my absence). As you can see, I have transferred my blog to my shiny new webpage. I know it is not much right now, but please be patient, […]

Where I have been update!

(I have been active on my facebook page for a few months now, just trying to update everyone.) I’m back! I sat down tonight trying to think of how to explain my last few months being MIA and I have to say it is extremely difficult. I knew it would […]

Flower drawings from the week 03/02-03/08

  Posting this a little late this week. Anyways here are the seven flowers I drew last week. Do not forget, check in with facebook and twitter for work in progress pictures. I hope everyone has a great weekend and those in the North keep warm! Maybe next week some […]

Introducing Maine ocean theme wine glasses

In Janurary, I had a custom order for Maine theme wineglasses! I am planning of painting more for better pictures. I am also looking and taking suggestions for new designs! I am very excited about my new project and am open to new orders for these and future designs. Current […]

Drawing a “Flower a Day”, until the end of March!

As a continuation of proving the “Groundhog Wrong”, I have decided to draw a flower-a-day until the end of March and post them daily on my social media accounts including Facebook. On Twitter, I will be using #floweraday for my flower drawings and each week, on my blog, I will be […]

Matted drawings up for sale

Mondays drawings that are up for sale! Since I have been paid with etsy,cash,checks,and paypal I figured that posting them as available on my blog, would allow more flexibility with choice of payment and save me time with making etsy listings descriptions. All of these drawings are original color pencil […]

“Groundhog was Wrong” Giveaway Winners

Here are the winners for the giveaway! Thank you to everyone who entered and all the nice comments that you left! Out of 87 slips these are the winners that were picked out! I was going to do the drawing outside, but it is raining here in Georgia and the […]