Pictograph Cave Billings,Montana

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Hey! It has been a while. I am no longer in Georgia. I officially moved to Montana in December! This move has been crazy and extremely beneficial for my family. I also have been to 37 states now, which, if you would have told me this 7 years ago, I would have thought you were full of crap.

Since I have been to so many places in the last few years, I have decided to start writing blog posts about my travels for the past and the present. What has spurred this is the landscape here in Montana. It is like another world and I would image anyone from the West going to the East would think the same.

The bright blue sky, snow capped mountains, rolling hills, and rugged animals are what makes this place so interesting. The east also has a myriad of differences: enormous canopies and insane bugs, not to mention the historic beauty that resides there. The Smokey Mountain range is my favorite. I love how much life is in the mountains. Then, there is the coast. The rocky coast of Maine and the sandy beaches of the south. There is so much that this country has to offer, and I have to admit that I am addicted to seeing the sites. I am addicted to the differences and the unexpected events that have crossed my path in the last few years. I hope that someday I will make it out of North America to see the other sites this world has to offer, but right now I still have a lot to check off my list close to home!

For the first travel post I am going to the most recent trip (which was April 3rd). We decided to go to the Pictograph Cave here in Billings, Montana. We’ve seen the road signs for it since we moved here but put off going so we could go to other places further away, thinking it’s so close we could go anytime. That is not to say that we haven’t tried to go and take a look; the first time we just drove up the road, but it was closed due to snow and the second time we missed out because they were closed due to training. The third time was the charm though, and we got the opportunity to fully explore the park this weekend!

The park has three caves: Ghost, Middle, and Pictograph. Pictograph Cave has drawings from prehistoric hunters dating back to 2,000 years ago and is the only one of the three where the paintings are still visible. These caves were used by generations of hunters, and as you can see from one of the pictures I have taken, there are depictions of rifles as well. This cave doesn’t just show the artwork of the early people in this region, it also depicts their history. Like Ocmulgee in Georgia, I couldn’t help but think of people from different eras walking the same paths as I was during my visit. It’s definitely a very interesting place and we plan on visiting again in the near future again.




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