Endangered Species – The Whooping Crane

Whooping Crane








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The next endangered species I am introducing is the Whooping Crane. This bird is the largest crane species in the world, standing at 5 ft with a wingspan of 7-8 ft. I can  remember seeing documentaries and reading articles about the whooping crane years ago and I always thought it was interesting to see scientists dressed up in whooping crane costumes feeding the chicks. At the time of these documentaries and articles the population was rising from 15 birds, and they were at the brink of extinction. Now, at a population around 400, their numbers are on the rise.





Unfortunately, due to their low population the chicks did not know how to migrate. The younger generation is taught the migration routes from older birds, but without many they became localized. To encourage migration, scientists lead the birds in the Eastern group with an ultra-light aircraft from Florida (St. Marks Wildlife Preserve) to Wisconsin, and back again each year!

If you want to learn more about the whooping crane and watch their progress I have provided links below:







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