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This is my first “public” blog post in an extremely long time (copy of my Facebook post explaining my absence). As you can see, I have transferred my blog to my shiny new webpage. I know it is not much right now, but please be patient, it’s a work in progress!

For months now I have been battling with ideas on series. There have been so many things that have been in my head over the years,  that I have not had the comfort, nor the confidence to do. So, I went further back in my mind and I remembered one of the first drawing projects I wanted to do as a child: Drawing endangered species. I still remember when I was 7 and thumbing through a Ranger Rick Magazine, a subscription my aunt Candy had given me for my birthday, and learning about endangered species. Immediately I  wanted to draw a flyer of the tiger and post it around Mattawamkeag. I wanted people to know and help this amazing unique creature and I was absolutely petrified about the notion it may not exist some day. Sadly for me, I realized Mattawamkeag, Maine doesn’t have tigers, so this idea went to the wind.

Now that I am older, I want to take this idea that I had as a child and draw these animals. I am not making fliers or putting out help me notes on telephone poles (like I wanted to when I was 7), but what I want to do is make these animals known and portray them in a new light through drawing them. I feel like a good chunk of them fall through the cracks and in most cases people see these animals and would have no idea that there was a severe population decline. These animals make the world an interesting place and without them the world would be a little less colorful.

(I am going to try my best with the first few and I will be editing later on if I think of anything else!)



10941708_10102185417817029_908486868_n(link to prints)


The Kakapo is a parrot species located in New Zealand, and possibly the longest lived bird in the world. Unfortunately, there are only 125 of them left, which has placed them on the critically endangered species list. Due to this parrot being nocturnal and similarities in appearance, it gets its nickname the “Owl Parrot.”  This flightless parrots green and yellow plumage allows it to blend in with its lush environment when it freezes in place in the presence of danger.


I can not recall who shared the kakapo with me, but I can remember the video (above) was an absolute riot! Watching this plump parrot meander through the woods, definitely gave me the same impression as the reporter in the video: Victorian. This old world looking bird screamed steampunk at me and I really want to capture its human given persona. This inspired my second drawing of the kakapo.  Below I have listed the links for the Kakapo Recovery. They update frequently so please check them out!

10954729_10102185417812039_455518908_n(link to prints)

I am NOT affiliated with the organizations listed.
(Artwork is under copyright and is only to be copied by Lindsey Junkins.)

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