Where I have been update!


(I have been active on my facebook page for a few months now, just trying to update everyone.)

I’m back! I sat down tonight trying to think of how to explain my last few months being MIA and I have to say it is extremely difficult. I knew it would happen and I know many people knew it would happen. I was burnt out.

My husband and I had been looking for jobs since July of last year and I have to say those 9 months of looking pushed us to the max, so when he finally got the “ok” for a job, it was a week of complete disbelief.

April he was gone for a month training, crazy work hours in May,June I was in a minor car accident, and July he was working in Savannah for most of the month. Along the road, there was one thing after another; good and bad. Now that we feel that we are in a schedule and stuff has calmed down, I am going to start drawing again. We also moved. We are still going to be living in the Warner Robins area, but this means new work area pictures. I have my own space now! I will no long be drawing in a dark closet or in our already crowded bedroom!

I am looking at the glass half full and excited for a new start! We are on the right track again this gives me the opportunity to slow down a little and not feel so much pressure to draw till my fingers are blistered. Thank you everyone and here’s to the future. Cheers!



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